Most of us have had unsettling moments around truth and lies. Maybe, as a child, to avoid punishment, we denied doing something relatively insignificant, like leaving a door unlocked. Or later in life we told a “white lie” to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. We may have felt guilty or uncomfortable at the time, but eventually those little lies faded and were forgotten. We are taught to tell the truth. So much depends on it; our friendships, relationships, employment, our health and, expanding outwards, the stability of society and the state of the world. Without truth, there is distrust and a sense of insecurity, which is stressful.

Unchecked stress leads to the fight, flight and freeze response, that can pop up unexpectedly resulting in bursts of anger, fear or unreasonable behaviour.

Truth and lies affect us mentally, emotionally and physically.

Mentally: when we lie, we begin a false construct that we have to remember and possibly fabricate further. Truth is simple, clear and generally allows for clarity of recall.

Emotionally: thoughts and memories have emotional and sensory links. Lies are likely to be associated with a sense of discomfort or even confusion.

Physically: our body knows the truth. It has been demonstrated, under controlled circumstances, in Applied and Educational Kinesiology that our body responds appropriately/truthfully when asked personal ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. Science is constantly gaining exciting new insights and understanding about the wisdom of the body held at cellular and neurological levels.

The sixty thousand thoughts we think a day can make or break us. Are they free-flowing expressions of creativity, the truth, or lies that can cause deep stress? It’s worth checking to find out. Catch a thought. Ask yourself: is it true? If you discover the background rumblings in your mind are negative lies, try being creative and changing those thoughts into workable, fun possibilities, or replays of simple enjoyable truth. By doing so, you will significantly reduce your stress levels.

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