Gentle growth through day-to-day challenges

During a number of days last week, the internet cut out but reconnected when I restarted my laptop. And then on Thursday I was faced with total “DISCONNECT”. No amount of restarting, unplugging and re-plugging or adjusting the position of the modem made the slightest difference. Telephone tech support didn’t help either.

Technology brings twenty-first century stress.  In the late 1990s and early 2000s, being as dependant on technology as we are today was unimaginable.

I have always considered myself to be adaptable but last Thursday that definitely was not the case. As the hours ticked by and I was unable to fix the problem and get back online, my frustration increased. My carefully planned schedule was shot to oblivion.

It was only after the issue was temporarily solved that I was able to reflect on the problem behind the problem. My reaction!

In spite of my gentle early morning routine that sets me up for the day, I had blown it. I had forgotten my mantra “I can handle it”. And above all I had forgotten how things can happen for seemingly random or whimsical reasons for the best.  

I remembered a time I was driving along a country road and just before a bend I slowed right down to watch a herd of deer grazing. At that very moment a car drove at speed through the bend on my side of the road. If I hadn’t slowed down, without a doubt, we would have had a head on collision. I was shaken and deeply grateful to those beautiful deer.

That memory helped me to readjust my approach for the rest of the day. I shifted from rigid, restricting, left-brain laser focus intent on completing the task, to a far more intuitive, creative right-brain way of being.  

Then, as if to ensure I learnt and integrated my lesson, the internet returned to its unreliable ways and continues to randomly cut out for extended periods of time. The tech people can’t come until Monday, so I will have had over a week to practice and fine-tune a flexible way of managing my schedule, in spite of technical glitches, happily.

Here are the three things I will do:

  • Go out for a walk when I feel “stuck” or frustrated.
  • Remind myself that:

                         I can handle it.

                         There is a way.

                         Maybe I don’t know the answer yet, but I will soon.

                        The issue will be fixed and I will find ways to cope ‘till then.

                        There are surprising solutions to everything

  • Remember the blessing of my deer distraction and think of other unexpected blessings in my life.

Wishing you a week without technical glitches!

With love,


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