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From Trauma to Tranquility: A Guide to Inner Peace.

After a recent car accident, Gillian Padgett experienced many symptoms of trauma. With the help of her professional knowledge and expertise, she was able to move through the initial fear to full recovery.

From Trauma to Tranquility shares some of the strategies and techniques she used, and others that have been followed successfully by her clients over the years.

This book offers trauma victims, their families, friends and carers:

  • Clear information about trauma and its short and long term effects.
  • Simple steps to bring relief immediately after trauma hits.
  • Effective strategies to ease symptoms and speed recovery.

The MP3 Relaxation for Trauma Relief accompanies this book.

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Gillian has a unique combination of clinical skills, integrated with a strong sense of empathy and compassion. She has discovered ways to promote active self-healing in a minimum amount of time within individuals who have suffered extreme trauma. M. Nestman, Director, CURA Institute for Integrated Learning,

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Let Stress Heal Your Life

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What if stress has nothing to do with your bank account, your work or your love life? What if the damaging effects of stress have very little to do with challenges you’re facing such as divorce, downsizing or death?

Let Stress Heal Your Life: Uncover Your Amazing Capacity to Thrive, includes guidelines and practical, proven ways to successfully relieve and resolve stress and be stress resilient no matter what is going on around you.

The true stories and examples highlight many ways that stress can slowly build or suddenly traumatize, and they demonstrate how it is possible to recover, become stronger, wiser and happier following stress. This book offers:

  • Clear information about stress and its effects.
  • An easy-to-use method to assess your stress levels.
  • Exercises, tools and techniques to help you relax, manage stress and become stress resilient.

The MP3 Easy Relaxation accompanies this book.

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“If you are tired of letting stress dominate your existence, please read this book and put Gillian’s teachings to work. I promise you it will change your life.” R. Duggan

British Columbia, Canada.

“If you have experienced stress of any type you need this book. The solutions Gillian provides are nothing short of brilliant. This book is a must for anyone who works with people who suffer the consequences of stress and for those who have walked with stress in any form.” Carole Fawcett, MPCC, CHt