Every possible topic for this blog has seemed trivial compared with the shocking events that have played out on the world stage over recent weeks.

Generally, people are happy to get on a plane and fly from place to place. Some prefer to keep their feet on solid ground but, in order to quickly travel from A to B, they grit their teeth on take-off, landing and in turbulence. After the recent plane crashes many people are less willing to surrender their lives to artificial intelligence that has begun to over-rule or replace experienced human pilots and co-pilots.

These tragedies have ended lives and caused deep and lasting suffering.

We also witnessed the willful slaughter in New Zealand of fifty worshippers and the injury of fifty more people. More lives ended, people injured and suffering – including families, friends and emergency aid workers.

What is happening in our beautiful world? Are we placing more value on technology and the bottom line than we are on human life?

What causes such extreme, blind hatred? Are attitudes of separation, inequality, competition, accumulation and insatiable greed creating breeding grounds for hatred?

Have we lost our way? Has the golden rule, the principle of many religions and cultures, been lost in modern times?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Act with kindness and compassion at all times.

What am I holding onto as I see news flashes about the recent dreadful events? I keep reminding myself that:

  • Love and kindness unite us: love opens our hearts and minds; love breaks down barriers.
  • Loved people love others and themselves; they cannot and will not hurt another willfully.
  • Connection and compassion increase understanding and tolerance, dissolve bigotry, separation and fear.
  • Courage and strength can see us through our darkest and most vulnerable moments. They support healing and help us to emerge stronger, kinder and wiser.

My focus is on love and kindness, connection and compassion, and courage and strength. I invite you to join me.

With very much love,


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