Tips for staying on track

Late January and Thursdays have something in common. They are times when challenge collides with resolution and good intentions can slide into regret or oblivion.

Up until then, as we integrate changes into our lives, we have been able to feel the desire or imagine the dream connected to our resolutions. Whether we intended to exercise daily, lose a specific number of pounds monthly or manage our time-keeping or money better, by late January or Thursday, our resolve is likely to have been challenged.

We may have a cold and feel sluggish, have unexpected pressures at work or our car may need urgent repair. All of these things divert our attention, time and energy, tax our willpower and we can automatically slip back into old habits.

Sticking with resolutions takes willpower and energy.

Tips for staying on track

It is possible to move into February or Friday and keep a resolution intact provided that:

  • It is realistic re health, time, lifestyle etc.
  • It is founded on kindness to yourself: in other words, you aren’t constantly beating yourself up, or shaming yourself to others, for having been a couch potato, gained weight or wasted time or money.

Be encouraging and gentle with yourself. 

  • You have a flexible plan that will cater for the unexpected, slip-ups, times when you’re tired or under pressure. It takes a while to create a new habit.

Be patient with yourself.

  • When you slip up – everyone does – smile and get back on track. Then look back to see what caused you to lose resolve, and create a simple strategy to handle a similar situation differently in future.

Care for yourself.

If you’ve slipped a little, ask yourself if you really want the outcome of this resolution. If the answer is “yes” just get back on track and move forward.

Imagine yourself successful.

Much like learning to ride a bike, you may have a number of tumbles, but eventually, you will have a new skill or habit firmly embedded in your subconscious mind, to be used effortlessly on demand.

Your mind is powerful.  You can do it!

With love,


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