Sometimes we’re totally oblivious of the tension that we hold. In spite of meditating, exercising and following the strictures of our to-do lists, that tension lurks in shadows of the mind and is held in the cells of our bodies.

We may have a task that we haven’t figured out how to do, an ongoing conflict that seems to be heading nowhere or unexpected expenses that have to be paid. We forget that past worries were all resolved over time, and in six months or six years we won’t even remember our current concerns.

When we suppress our tensions, or move through our days with a dim feeling of dread, we activate the stress response. The result may be tiredness, stomach problems, headaches or a general feeling that nothing is quite right. Often, we don’t realize what’s been bothering us or how tense we’ve been until “that problem” is dealt with. Then we either feel exhausted or on an adrenalin high, over the moon and ready to party.

Generally, as problems and tensions dissolve I feel super-tired. If I meditate at such times, I usually fall asleep sitting up. So instead, I have a nap or go to bed extra early to allow my mind, body and emotions to rebalance while I sleep. Then I wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and alert.

The important thing is to recognize the need, and take the time, to relax, rebalance and recharge on a regular basis – no matter how busy we are.

With love

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