Awakening from Alzheimer’s

One of the most heartbreaking times in my life was when I watched my mother slowly transition from an energetic, gentle artist and loving mother to a victim of Alzheimer’s. To begin with she was amusingly forgetful and would stock the cupboard with endless cans of mushroom soup. Eventually she was unable to feed, dress or do anything for herself and had to have full time care. I would arrive for visits hopeful that I’d see a glimmer of inner life and recognition in her dull eyes. I left facing the fact, yet again, that she was a mere shell and her true self simply wasn’t there. I sat in my car and wept.

Alzheimer’s disease is frighteningly common and until recently has been considered a sentence without reprieve. For many, losing one’s mind has seemed an inevitable stage of old age.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I spent four hours watching a few of the interviews in a series covering a variety of methods of treatment for this disease of the brain. The specialists recounted fascinating stories of recovery from damage to the brain from Alzheimer’s – many cases of full recovery and many of significant improvement.

The treatments discussed include lifestyle protocols, nutritional guidelines, advice on gaining quality sleep, and dealing with toxins and plaque that need to be flushed out of the brain for optimal functioning. We all need to know how to care for the brain.

Contrary to popular belief, we discover that the brain is constantly regenerating and, much like muscle, when we stop using it we begin to lose it. Most importantly, when we stop learning, the brain begins to dieAlso, we discover that what we think and imagine changes the structure of the brain.

If there is Alzheimer’s in the family, as with heart disease, diabetes and cancer, it is not a genetic life or death sentence. It is merely a warning. Following my mother’s Alzheimer’s, my message is that I need to be aware that there is a possibility that if I follow her beliefs and her lifestyle, or take seriously bad care of myself, I may get the disease. But, if I take care of my brain and maybe get some personal advice, tests or treatment if I have concerns, my chances of maintaining a clear and alert brain right up until I die are extremely high.

Three takeaway tips are that we need to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and take Vitamin D.

The series is a gift. It is packed with incredibly valuable information. Each one of us is unique and the key is to select protocols that suit us best, are clear and easy to follow to regain and maintain a healthy brain.

I will continue watching the series searching for more inspiration. You will find information on it here:

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