Get Your Life Back Programs

for stress & trauma victims & first responders


These programs are designed for people who have experienced trauma or severe stress that impacts their everyday lives, such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), flashbacks and mood problems (anger, depression, anxiety). They also help to build resilience for times of trauma, tragedy and disaster.

Program Details
get your life back Gillian Padgett

Get Your Life Back Programs are structured to help you to move from your darkest, most difficult and sometimes frightening moments to understanding and a newfound sense of relief, healing and inner peace.

You will:

  • Learn how to bring fast relief and break the stress response;
  • Develop an acceptance and understanding of how stress and trauma can impact you;
  • Have a treasure trove of strategies, steps and resources for trauma and stress relief and recovery;
  • Discover how to choose the best recovery step at any given moment;
  • Build your own unique protocol to maintain stress resilience.

Get Your Life Back Programs:

  • Ten-week online programs
  • Personal coaching programs
  • Personal intense relief programs


Emergency Responders Get Your Life Back Programs

These programs are designed to:

  • Meet specific situational needs;
  • Build resilience for times of trauma, tragedy or disaster.


first responder PTSD program
Gillian Padgett
Gillian Padgett, MISMA, MNLP, CHT

For over 25 years Gillian has specialized in stress and trauma. She has worked with traditional medical and complementary health care practitioners to support patients and she brings to the program her knowledge, experience and compassion when she gently guides you towards recovery, understanding and growth.

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