So often, perfectionism morphs into procrastination, destroys inspiration and halts any form of creativity or progress.

A great new idea is likely to never see the light of day if a perfectionist is in charge of the project. Constant reviewing, modifying and tweaking can be the kiss of death to the flow of ideas and creative energy.

Whereas, finding ways to breathe life into a brilliant idea and to confidently overcome any obstacles along the way can have fantastic unexpected results.

Inspiration leads to further inspiration if we get out of the way, relax and allow the flow.

I can still remember the feeling of awe when, as a child, I realized that almost everything around me originated from someone, somewhere, having had an idea! Meals, trains, planes, buildings, toys and clothes were all ideas before they took form. And many, many imperfect actions occurred along the way.

Perfectionism has many drivers, such as desire to control, feeling unsafe or not good enough, or wanting to hide. It can be a harsh task-master, ruin beautiful spontaneous moments and harm relationships. A perfectionist will view life through a filter that focuses on a tiny grey cloud rather than a magnificent sunset.

Procrastination can arise from an unfocused mind, the inability to prioritize, the fear of failing (better to do nothing than fail), lack of energy, feeling depressed, low self-esteem or simply not getting a handle on life. A procrastinator may well feel as though they have to drag themselves through each day.

Both perfectionism and procrastination can become habits that cause stress within the mind, body and emotions.

Progress, however small, allows creative energy to flow. Tension is released helping the brain to function more effectively and for information to go back and forth between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. As we take simple steps forward, we can begin to feel greater energy, purpose and joy.

I urge you to ignore the nagging voice of perfectionism, move through the lethargy of procrastination and reclaim your energy by taking small, simple steps forward as you focus on your progress.

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