Have you found that feelings or thoughts seem to come up randomly? Perhaps the process isn’t random after all.

There’s a particular stretch of road that I frequently drive and I noticed that, when I reached a certain spot, my feelings would become uncomfortable and often I would replay a particularly difficult situation in my mind. Over and over again!

Finally, I decided to change this. I carried on a conversation in my head, explaining how I felt, accepting differences and letting the memory go. I imagined a little ceremony of healing, with a candle alight and burning away the feelings of hurt. This process helped me and thereafter I was able to drive that stretch of road with a clear, non-reactive mind. There are many other ways to change our inner patterning but this one worked for me.

The point of this little story is that we are said to think 60,000 thousand thoughts a day. Most of them flow in repetitive loops and many of them have sensitive trigger spots causing reactions of happiness or misery. It can work much like this:

A particular thought, sight, sound, smell or feeling links us to
another thought or feeling (negative, positive or neutral) that is linked to
another feeling or thought and,
like links in a chain, on and on go the 60,000 thoughts

The key is to be aware of our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they are giving us important messages or solving problems. At other times they are following an automatic loop, or they may be triggered by our senses, experiences or events in our past.

It’s worth spending a little time going inward and tracking the origin of any sense of discomfort. We then become empowered and can choose to make some changes.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to use our imagination and our thoughts wisely. Imagine safety, happiness and love. Then our mind and body will feel safe influencing our overall well-being.

With love,


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