Stress is Deadly and it can Make You Stronger and Happier!

Stress is considered to be the #1 cause of doctor’s visits, accidents, illnesses, broken relationships, bankruptcies and failure at work. And yet we continue doing what we’re doing – so often wreaking havoc with our health and lives.
Gillian Padgett shares simple successful strategies used by her clients to cope in challenging times and build resilience.

Gillian Padgett is a therapist who has specialized in treating stress for over 25 years and the author of Let Stress Heal Your Life. She teaches empowering, life-changing strategies and skills to minimize the damaging effects of stress and thrive. After her best friend was murdered, Gillian sought ways to reduce the immediate and long-term damage of stress, shock and trauma for her clients. She trained in the UK as a counsellor and hypnotherapist and worked with victims of crime and families of murder victims. Gillian lives in British Columbia, Canada and offers individual coaching, group
programs and online webinars.


  • Stress First Aid: What to do when your life is falling apart
  • How stressed out are you? Take this quick test to assess your stress
  • Stay sane amidst the horror and fear in the daily newsfeed. Tips to help you become grounded and remain OK every day
  • Alone and hate the holidays? Ways to ease the pain without getting drunk or stuffing yourself with chocolate!
  • 5 foods that fight stress, and 3 that make it worse. Learn what to avoid and how to build resilience with every mouthful
  • Stress can be deadly: Watch out for these warning signs!
  • Ride the wave of fear following a frightening diagnosis. Ideas for staying positive, proactive and calm
  • Take the crisis out of caring – 5 secrets to coping with ease and grace. For the stressed-out parent, child or welfare worker
  • Visiting in-laws? 6 tips to surviving aggravating relatives
  • Secrets of health experts: Learn how they cope with stress