Just do it!

Imperfect action is perfect.


Striving for perfection is exhausting and highly stressful.

Perfection is a moving target. In this fast-paced world, as soon as something is mastered a more up-to-date version needs to be conquered. Having all our ducks in a row before taking action can be almost impossible to achieve.

We need to stop striving for perfection, to be flexible and to learn as we go.

We may be afraid of making mistakes, of being seen, of not being good enough, of stepping out on our own, or of failing.

The good news is, there is no failure only feedback.

While we play the game of perfectionism and procrastination, we can fluctuate between short bursts of positive energy and deep troughs of low energy as we struggle and plan endlessly to be in the perfect position to step towards our goal. Thinking, dreaming and to-do lists are not enough.

Nothing can be achieved without taking action.

A rocket heading to the moon does not follow a straight path. Adjustments are constantly being made to pull it back on track at the same time that there is rapid forward movement. Similarly, once we take action and move ahead with our plans, we can make necessary adjustments. As a bonus, we are likely to discover newfound energy and a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

With action come energy, expansion and growth.

If you have felt paralyzed by perfectionism and unable to move towards a dream or goal, here are five tips:

  • Remember that everything has a beginning.
  • Know that you have a reserve of courage that you’ve tapped into before; remember
    when you have been courageous (when you recited a poem in class; or you took your first bus journey alone). Note: courage is not fearlessness. It is carrying on even when feeling nervous or afraid.
  • Break down your action plan into small manageable steps, then imagine that you are your own student and explain to yourself what has to be done and follow each step closely.
  • Be ready to be flexible.
  • Know you can do it, imagine it done and begin!

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With love,


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