I’ve decided to focus on water for a week or so.

I know that water keeps everything flowing smoothly – brain, body, blood, oxygen, muscles – and flushes out toxins.

After my wake-up call, mentioned in my last blog, I have begun a stress reset program. And water is top of the agenda.

During that super-stressful three week period, the first thing to go was drinking water. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking water. I have to make a conscious effort to drink the stuff – I find it bland, boring and if I didn’t know it’s good for me, I would cheerfully never drink another drop. And so when time, energy and willpower were ebbing my water input dropped then stopped.

I know the value of water. It’s just that I would prefer to drink organic coffee! Luckily, the tables have turned and coffee is now considered to be good for us. So when drinking many more mugs than usual of that delicious brew to keep awake, feel comforted, take a break or relax, at least I didn’t have to bury layers of guilt. I could just breathe in the aroma and enjoy the flavor of the warm liquid as it became absorbed into my system.

But coffee is dehydrating and, although I don’t spend much time in front of the mirror, I expect my skin is drier and a little more wrinkled than before, due to lack of water and excess coffee.

For stress relief, wellbeing, and vanity, I have looked a little deeper into the values and qualities of different types of water available – the best and the less good water to drink. Here are my findings – which depend considerably upon where we are positioned on the planet.

The Best

  1. Reverse Osmosis – removes chemicals and minerals from water – see below for further info
    Carbon filtered tap water – the filter removes most of the impurities including fluoride
  2. Spring Water – if it is from a deep and pure source

The Less Good

  1. Tap water – is likely to have fluoride, a wide variety of toxic chemicals, prescription drugs, chlorine, arsenic, aluminium and industrial waste products to name a few
  2. Bottled water – some contain harmful waste products and chemicals. But if you choose to drink bottled water, glass bottles are better than plastic bottles because plastic can leach unhealthy chemicals into the water.

I drink reverse osmosis treated well water. In my recent research I discovered that the reverse osmosis process, while removing harmful chemicals, also removes valuable minerals from the water. And as water seeks balance, to replace the lost minerals it leaches them from our bodies – not good.

But those minerals can be replaced by a sprinkling of Himalayan salt – a simple solution!

How much water we should drink is debatable. The answer depends on body weight, the type, quantity and quality of foods we eat (leafy vegies, cakes, cookies or stodge) and how we prepare it, general activity level, overall health, medications, how much exercise we take, how much we sweat, the climate we live in and many other variables. A very loose guide is that if our urine is a pale yellow, we are likely to be well hydrated. But I should immediately add that certain supplements and foods change the colour of urine, so that really is just a guideline.

As I mentioned, I’m not a water lover, but I aim to drink a minimum of 4 glasses a day (reverse osmosis sprinkled with Himalayan salt, possibly with a slice of lemon or cucumber added) and have smoothies, vegie juice, plenty of vegies, salads, and some fruit – as well as coffee – and in that way
I believe my body and brain will become well hydrated again.

I will also repeat and put sticky notes around with the following affirmations to encourage myself along the way:

  1. I make healthy choices for myself
  2. I drink four glasses of water a day
  3. My stress dissolves and disappears in the water I drink
  4. I get healthier day by day, moment by moment

Maybe you would like to join me?

Until next time!
With warm wishes,


PS Although I don’t like to emphasize the negative, I will add that other liquids – such as coke, sodas, diet drinks, alcohol and dairy drinks – do not hydrate our bodies in the same way that water does. They are processed differently within the body and many can be moderately or extremely harmful in the short or long term. Water is the only true answer – provided it is clean and pure – a fact that I reluctantly accept!

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