If you have dreams to fulfill, families to feed or projects to complete, you may find yourself holding your goals front and center in your mind as you push on regardless. Feeling invincible, you ignore the whispers, then shouts of your body?

Slow down, get balanced and care for yourself in a structured and loving way.

Common practice is to pay attention when our body screams, say with a migraine or digestive problems. Then we get our body relatively comfortable and return to our old ways.

Old habits die hard. New habits require consistent conscious effort.

I don’t believe that life is meant to be an endurance test. There are no medals for over-extending to the point of exhaustion. But many of us don’t notice that’s what we’re doing until we over-stepped the invisible line.

We can be affected in many ways.

We may have trouble sleeping, be impatient, anxious, depressed, have back ache or headaches. The list goes on and on. All are messages that we need to care for ourselves and do something differently.

Any over-extension or pain affects our whole being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. If we suffer emotionally our immune system may be impacted or we may become forgetful, careless or accident prone.

We have an amazing capacity to heal and thrive.

We serve ourselves well when we remember to live with constant awareness, listen to the whispers and always focus on our health and holistic well-being. From that standpoint we will avoid hassle, time out, expense, living with low energy or just feeling rotten.

Machines burn out and can be disposed of. We burn out and need to discover how to “bounce back”, and then do our best to avoid burning out in future. Here are 3 questions to answer and take action on to help do just that:

Three Questions to Combat Stress 

  1. What can I do to nourish myself today? Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.
  2. Have I been pushing myself? If so, balance with downtime; if you’ve been physically stretched, relax, swim, soak in a hot bath; if you’ve been emotionally drained, find a friend, movie or book that you will laugh with/at; if you’ve lost your joy for life, listen to music, spend time in nature, play.
  3. What do I need to do to remind myself daily to care for myself daily? Stick a note on the fridge or your laptop, or set the alarm on your phone?

P.S.  At some point you may need to handle the “issues” or even your need to push yourself beyond comfort, but that process will work more smoothly when  you are being proactive re handling the related stress.

Remember to take care of yourself. You’re worth it.

With love,


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