A spectacular sunset, the smile of a lover and spontaneous laughter are fleeting and unique experiences. They cannot be grasped tightly but they can be remembered.

Resisting change is highly stressful.

Whether we resist the change of season, a child leaving home or thoughts of retirement, resistance creates mental and emotional barriers to the natural flow of life. When we choose to remain stuck in our past we are unlikely to move comfortably and effortlessly in present time, let alone toward the next change in our life.

Along with subtle, inner resistance, we may feel sad, isolated, angry, unappreciated, ungrateful or a multitude of other feelings. We may, or may not, notice those around us who seem to be happy with their ever-evolving lot.

Develop a mindset that welcomes change and boosts stress resilience.

To move into the future with ease, we need to stand firmly in the present and look at our past and future with gratitude; gratitude for the best of the past – the happy memories – as well as the difficult moments that contributed to learning and growth; and gratitude for new experiences to come.

Of course, the future is fundamentally unknown. We may imagine and plan but life often seems to have other plans for us! We celebrate birthdays, weddings, solstice and many other events. Creating personal rituals and celebrations for times of change can help us to let go and move forward with grace and ease as we transition through life. Here are some suggestions. Maybe one of them will help you.

Light a candle: breathe gently, watch the flame and remember that life is a process of constant change. This is something I do when someone dies or I want to feel peaceful about a challenge.

Transform fear of the unknown into positive expectation: remember how it feels to be curious, excited and happy doing something new – perhaps visiting a new place, eating a delicious meal, meeting a friend. Relax and remember those feelings of curiosity and excitement as you welcome the new into your life with openness and expectation.

Write in a journal: make a list of gifts, love and lessons from two “changes” in your past.

Be grateful for one experience in your past: such as the feeling of riding a bike down a slope. Spend a few moments remembering the feeling of balance, movement etc. and feel grateful.

Imagine that, as you stand firmly in the present, you hold your past in your left hand and your future in your right hand; move your hands together, hold them over your heart and imagine the past and present mingling. Breathe, relax and begin to feel peaceful.

Spend a few moments looking for one or two blessings from your past, such as discovering strength to overcome challenges or developing tolerance and understanding.

Imagine a gentle rhythm of letting go and welcoming.

Wishing you warm memories and stress resilience,

With love,


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