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The mission of Stress Wisdom Solutions is to spread understanding of trauma and stress, and to share successful strategies and solutions that bring about relief, healing and inner peace.

Top Tip for Trauma Relief

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Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back Programs

These programs are designed for people who have experienced trauma or severe stress that impacts their everyday lives – such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), flashbacks and mood problems (anger, depression, anxiety).

The programs incorporate unique and easy to implement protocols and practices that can lead to life changing, long term results.

Emergency Responders

Emergency Responders Get Your Life Back Programs are also available and designed to meet situational needs.

Gillian Padgett

Gillian Padgett, MISMA

Gillian Padgett brings her knowledge, understanding and compassion to gently guide you from your darkest and most difficult moments to a newfound sense of comfort and ease.

Gillian has written three books:

Stress Wisdom: The Holistic Approach to Stress
Let Stress Heal Your Life: Uncover Your Amazing Capacity to Thrive
From Trauma to Tranquility: A Guide to Inner Peace

Let Stress Heal Your Life book

Trauma & Stress Relief, Recovery & Resilience for Inner Peace

Recent research shows that:

  • 75 percent of people are affected by trauma and 50 percent of them suffer from long- term PTSD, depression, anxiety and other problems.
  • Children who experience trauma are more likely to develop cancer and other life-threatening illnesses when they reach middle-age.
  • Unresolved trauma trickles down generations genetically.

Because of the often devastating effects of untreated trauma and our increased exposure to traumatic events, Gillian has chosen to specialize in these areas to promote self-empowerment and holistic health.

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Get Your Life Back Programs

Get Your Life Back Programs

Get Your Life Back Trauma Recovery Program   Program start dates pending   Reserve your place & get further info CONTACT GILLIAN NOW  

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Charitable beneficiary: Whitevalley Community Resource Centre is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote and support the health and well-being of the community and provide accessible, inclusive resources to people in need of information and assistance. Programs include counseling, parent/caregiver and tot drop-ins, after school and summer day camp for children, drug and alcohol counselling, youth pre-employment, and senior’s programs.