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From Trauma to Tranquility

From Trauma to Tranquility: A Guide to Inner Peace, simplifies and explains trauma and its effects, introduces a gentle and powerful three step process to relieve the initial impact of trauma, and provides guidelines and strategies to support recovery, change, inner wisdom and peace.   Learn More >

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Gillian Padget

Gillian specializes in helping success-driven entrepreneurs, overwhelmed business owners and high-impact professionals find peace and calm in their lives. Her unique and easy-to-implement “Stress-Shift Solutions” will result in life-changing, long-term results that will enable you to recover what stress has stolen from you and regain a new-found sense of ease in your life.

Also by Gillian Padgett

Let Stress Heal Your Life

Let Stress Heal Your LifeUncover Your Amazing Capacity to Thrive, is a blueprint for daily stress reduction with a four-step revelatory formula addressing all aspects of the mind, body, emotions and spirit – for pinpointing stress triggers and implementing stress reversal – through the rapid release of those personal triggers.


Let Stress Heal Your Life is a wonderfully practical book, written by someone who walks her talk. I am thrilled to see that Gillian has collated her extensive life’s work to offer up a practical and effective formula to build resilience to the stresses that life brings. I highly recommend this book as essential reading.

June Burrough
Social Business Mentor & Life Coach


If you have experienced stress of any type you need this book. The solutions Gillian provides are nothing short of brilliant. This book is a must for anyone who works with people who suffer the consequences of stress and for those who have walked with stress in any form.

Carole Fawcett MPCC, CHt, Canada


If you are tired of letting stress dominate your existence, please read this book and put Gillian’s teachings to work. I promise you it will change your life.

R. Duggan British Columbia, Canada

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